Proper Tree Trimming to Keep Your Trees Healthy

Don’t know how to correctly cut off the branches of your trees? Even if you have the right tools, there is still a chance that you could end up causing a big wound on the tree if you don’t know how to cut it properly. For proper tree trimming, hire professionals such as Certified Tree Care Kansas to do it for you. We are trained in the proper trimming of trees on properties in Lenexa, KS.


When Trimming Trees

Trimming the trees on your property can become a bit of a handful, especially if you have large trees that have thick branches. But aside from the size, you will also need to know how to cut the branches correctly. Otherwise, you could potentially cause a wound big enough to cause the tree’s death. The weight of the branch can tear a big chunk of the bark, leaving a big wound that is vulnerable to disease. If you don’t want that to happen, just leave the tree trimming to professionals like us.


We Properly Trim Trees!

Our tree trimming service will focus on using the right methods so that the tree will remain healthy even after the trimming process. We’ll prepare the right tools such as trimmers, shears, and saws, depending on the size of the branches that will need to be cut. To keep the tree healthy, we’ll utilize methods such as the three-cut method so that we won’t cause too much of a wound on the trunk of the tree. Choose us and we’ll have the trees on your property trimmed properly!


Certified Tree Care Kansas is a tree trimming expert who can properly trim the trees in your backyard. Do you need help in trimming the trees on your property in Lenexa, KS? Feel free to contact us at (913) 214-0355 today so that we can get started right away.